{real party} my birthday!

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday. I've always liked to celebrate my birthday. Of course as I get older I don't like very much the number, but I really like to celebrate my day in any way. A small get together with my family, a special day trip with my boys or a big party, any way is good to celebrate. This year we decided kind of last minute to throw a small family-friendly BBQ. It'd been a long time since we hosted and had people over, so we think it was about time. Since all our friends have kids, we decided to have the party in our backyard so the kids could have plenty of space to run around.  It was really nice to get together all with our respective families.

At the very last minute {meaning the day of} I decided to put together a little dessert table. I had bought gold plates and utensils earlier in the week so I chose purple to coordinate. I grabbed things I had around the house, like my monogrammed mug, that is usually holding pens in my office, a little polka dot vase I have in the living room, an "N" ceramic plate from G's first birthday party that I filled with Peruvian purple hard candy, a couple of cake stands and a purple candle. I made a small tassel garland with some crepe paper from my stash. I filled the table with some yummy desserts our guests brought and my favorite cake from Whole Foods, which M bought for me.

We set up a long table right in front of the jungle gym so moms and dads can "relax" and eat and enjoy the party while the kids play nearby. M offered to be in charge of the grilling and he did such a great job. We had a fantastic time. Surprisingly all the small kids got along so well, no meltdowns, no tantrums, no fights. That doesn't happen very often! It was about 8 o'clock, already dark outside and all the kids were still running around, playing tag, and just having a blast. Something about it filled my heart with joy.

Not only did I have a lovely get together but also I was showered with gifts. I was a lucky lady. I really, really appreciated my gifts and love them all, but to be honest what touched me the most was the little details and thoughtfulness that went into them. For example a friend got me a beautiful scarf and shirt from one of my favorite stores. And I love scarfs. Another friend paired her gift with a card that she took the time to personalize. No, not just by writing it but altering the card/image in the computer to include my name. I mean, she took the time to do that. I also received yummy treats, beautiful music and other things in my favorite color, purple. And to top it off, a dear friend surprised me with something I'd mentioned I wanted. I'd told her I was looking for this particular thing long time ago, and she remembered and got that for me. I was left speechless, really.

I don't know what it was exactly but that day was so special. Being surrounded by family and friends, seeing lots of kids playing, running, screaming, laughing, the chit chat that happened in our kitchen at the end with the last guests, the meaningful gifts, it just felt like being home again. I missed my family in Perú terribly, and all my Peruvian friends, and how I wish we could spend all my birthdays and my kids birthdays with them, but life had other plans for me and my little family and I have to accept it. Sometimes it's hard, but occasions like this dissipate all those homesick feelings.

Next day we had lots of dishes to wash and lots of cleaning to do, but M and I did it all happily, remembering the great time we had just the day before and making a promise we'll throw more of these gatherings more often. Because isn't this what life is about? I think so.


  1. Awww Happy -late- birthday!
    It sounds like the party was a blast!

    I was wondering if you guys wanted to do something after labor weekend. Maybe the Botanical Garden? or a Fall festival? Let me know what do u think.

    Wait, I just remembered I have your number now..I'll text u!

  2. Thanks Ana! We had a great time. Yes, let's do something. You meant Columbus Day? Text me.