{national hispanic heritage month} peruvian food

I don't post about food in this little blog of mine because cooking is not one of my talents. I used to feel bad about this, and wish I enjoy cooking as much as I enjoy doing crafts because somehow I thought loving cooking would make me a better wife and mother. But there is a Spanish saying that goes: "Zapatero a tus zapatos" {not sure there's the same saying in English, but it can be translated to: "Shoemaker to your shoes"} meaning one should stick to what one knows. Once I accepted it was ok for me not to love cooking and that I'm not a bad wife or bad mother because of that, I started developing certain sympathy for the kitchen. I still don't like it but I do it for my family, not only so we can eat healthier but also because I think it's a good way to teach my kids about my culture. I want them to experience my country's food.

So in the past year, I learned to make a couple of Peruvian dishes that my family really loves. I know, two dishes in a year seems little, but for me it's a lot. What makes me the happiest is that everyone, and I mean everyone M, L and G, like these dishes and eat them all without a peep. I should say M and L are some of the pickiest people I've met when it comes to food, so this is an accomplishment people!

Since it's National Hispanic Heritage Month, Sep 15 to Oct 15, I wanted to share the recipe {I use} for Lomo Saltado, one of the two dishes that has become a regular in our home. The recipe is from Perú Delights, a great source of  Peruvian food recipes.

{image via peru delights}

I know what you are thinking, steak and French fries? What's not to like! Hope you try this recipe and like it! Do you cook your native food? How do you teach your kids about your culture? I'd love to hear from other multicultural families and learn how you keep your traditions and heritage alive.

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