{fall fun} halloween train show & haunted mansion

About five years ago {wow! I didn't realize it was that long!} L, M and I made a special trip to Salem, MA for Halloween. And we had a blast. During all October there are tons of Halloween events and activities going on there. Haunted houses, costume parties, Halloween festivals and shows. It's definitely the place to be for Halloween. This year, that G is a little older, we wanted to go back. We had planned to go for a weekend but unfortunately it didn't work out. 

So when we found a kid-friendly Halloween train and haunted mansion show in our area we knew we had to go. G loves trains so we thought it'd be fun.  
{this lovely lady welcomed us at the entrance. G was not very sure and refused to go under her. It took us a few minutes to convince him.}
{G was afraid the ghosts were going to get him. He really said that: "mommy they goin get me",
crossing his arms in front of him as if he's hugging himself. It was too cute!}
{haunted model train layout}
{all rooms in the house were especially decorated for Halloween. G's favorite thing was a spider in a
corner of one of the rooms. With a loud clap it'd go down and G would laugh every time}
{he didn't want to get in one of the rooms, because: "mama is scaee". He just wanted to peek}
{they had a mini corn maze G loved. I think he went in and out one hundred times}
{L is too old for this mini corn maze, but he was a good sport and went it with his little brother}
{the grounds were beautiful}
{scary witch}
{on our way out G found a trail and immediately pointed "this way guys". We told him we had to
go the other way. But he didn't listen. He kept going. I think this little one is going to be a hiker}

G had a good time. L on the other hand got bored quickly. I feel the show was geared towards a younger crowd, all little kids were having fun and to be honest we didn't see that many kids L's age {lately it's been a little hard to find activities that are equally interesting and appealing to both my kids because of the age difference}.
 {the beautiful water fountain}
Anyway I'm glad we went to the show because it was nice just to be outdoors {it was a beautiful day} and we found out about this charming park. The grounds are beautiful, with a gorgeous water fountain, and there are hiking trails. I can see more visits to this place in our future weekends.

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