{fall fun} fun at the farm

During the Summer we intended to pay a visit to Stone Farms to check out the animals and the beautiful grounds but it never happened. So when we found ourselves with an open morning at the end of September I didn't think it twice and headed over there. It was a beautiful day to spend outdoors.

I wasn't sure how G was going to react towards the animals. We'd been to the zoo when he was younger and he had no interest whatsoever {he just wanted to walk around}. We'd been to a couple of parties with petting zoos when he was a little older and he paid some attention to the animals {he observed them, pointed at them and even pet them, especially the bunnies}. This time he was a little intimidated I think. When we got to see the turkeys, they started gobbling so loud he got scared and wanted anything to do with them. We then walked to the chickens. He pointed at them, said "hi chikens", and kept walking. When we got to the sheep, he just watched them for a few seconds and then pulled my hand signaling he was ready to go. On our way to the pigs we got lost and ended on the hiking trails. That? That he loved. I guess we have a little hiker in our home.
We stopped by Blue Hill Café in the main building to grab some chocolate chip cookies to go. Their cookies are the best. Unfortunately they didn't have any bags of cookies left. But we grabbed a big one, that we were "supposed" to share. Yeah, you know how that went. And yes, I let him eat a cookie before lunch.
It was a lovely, relaxing morning spent with my boy. As soon as we got home, he ate a quick lunch and took a long, long nap. I love days like this. Looking forward to doing it again soon, this time in company of M & L.


  1. Turkeys can be pretty scary for grownups too :) But I'm sure it was overall a good experience for him!

    1. That's true Stephanie. Turkeys can be scary! We loves being outdoors so we had a good time. Thanks for stopping by!