{summer fun} a trip to brooklyn

Summer has sadly come to an end and I thought it was about time to start our Summer fun recaps. This year I made a conscious effort to try to document some of our Summer activities. It's always nice to look back and remember all the fun things we did and also have something to look forward to during the long, cold winter months. Until next year Summer!

Continuing with our list of activities, my friend M and I and the kiddos, made a day trip to Brooklyn in search of a kids playground "paradise" we heard about. We started our outing in Dumbo, with a ride on Jane's Carousel, and from there we walked all the way to Pier 6. The intention was to go to the sprinkler park, but when we got there it was packed. Too many kids, too many moms, it was a little chaotic. So we moved to the playground. It was really a nice playground, but most, if not, all the equipment was geared toward an older crowd I think. The slides were very tall and G and T were not able to climb the rope climbers {or however they are called}. It was crowed, too, so we couldn't enjoy it as much. On our way there we had passed a small fenced-area with toddler-appropriate equipment. So we decided to go back there and the kids loved it.

After a while it started raining {it seemed we chose the worst days for our activities!} so we had to head back earlier than planned. We grabbed something quick to eat at the Flea Food under the Archway in Dumbo and then went back home. The kids fell asleep in the car, always a sign of a well-spent day.

Have a great weekend!

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