{summer fun} ocean city

Summer has sadly come to an end and I thought it was about time to start our Summer fun recaps. This year I made a conscious effort to try to document some of our Summer activities. It's always nice to look back and remember all the fun things we did and also have something to look forward to during the long, cold winter months. Until next year Summer!

Summer officially ends tomorrow. And so this Summer fun series. It's been great to recap some of our favorite Summer activities. We finish this series with our last family vacation. Last year we went to Florida. This year we stayed closer and chose Ocean City as our destination. We'd heard great things about this city so we decided to give it a try and end our Summer there. We wanted to spend some lazy days at the beach, doing nothing but relaxing before a new school year started. And I have to say this lively city didn't disappoint. We were pleasantly surprised to discover Ocean City is a "dry-city", meaning alcohol is not sold anywhere. Which makes it completely family-friendly. There were families with kids all ages everywhere. We rented a little house a block away from the beach and a 15 minutes walk from the boardwalk. Needless to say, we had lots of fun. We were able to enjoy the beach and, although we had a couple of rainy days we had a long boardwalk with several arcades and a big amusement park to save the day.

We had a good time but I would be lying if I said it was total relaxation. It was not. Why? Well, because it was a family vacation, and I'm sure everyone with kids know what I mean. Vacation with kids is hard. It's fun and great but hard. The little people have the same needs and demands as they have home, but now in a different place that itself can present its own challenges. We made it work somehow, and the kids adapted. Of course as soon as we came back M and I felt we need a vacation on our own!
All in all it was a great Summer 2013. The weather has started to cool down now, yellow leaves can be spotted, shorts and flip flops have been changed for long pants and closed shoes, and you can see Halloween merchandise in almost every store. Fall is here. Time to start our Fall 2013 bucket list.

Bye, bye Summer 2013, it was a pleasure.

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