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Summer has sadly come to an end and I thought it was about time to start our Summer fun recaps. This year I made a conscious effort to try to document some of our Summer activities. It's always nice to look back and remember all the fun things we did and also have something to look forward to during the long, cold winter months. Until next year Summer!

One thing we did a lot as a family this past Summer, especially towards the end when the hot temperatures started to cool down, was walking. I love walking, G loves walking, M has learnt to love walking, and L, well, he is not a big fan. To make it more appealing to him, we've tried to visit some cool spots in the area to go for walks and hiking. We also like to walk to town {about a 25 min. walk} to get frozen yogurt. That never seems to fail as motivation. We are all up for it no matter how tired we are!

Anyway, one of those places we visited is Wave Hill, a public garden and cultural center. I can't believe we've never been there before. It's such an incredible place, with beautiful gardens, interesting trails, green houses, amazing views of the Hudson river and a lot more to explore. On the weekends they have special events and family activities {on that particular day, L got to paint with watercolors outdoors}. They also have a great restaurant with a wide variety of organic, yummy food. Definitely a great spot to spend the day with the family connecting with nature.

Kensico Dam is another place we like to go for walks. We especially like going all the way to the top to admire the beauty of the landscape. It's so serene and peaceful up there. L's favorite part is going down the stairs and run to the playground or get his bike {from the car} and ride around. There are constantly specials celebrations, shows and concerts being held at the dam, making it another awesome spot to visit often not matter what time of the year.

Happy Monday!

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