{summer fun} beach day

Summer has sadly come to an end and I thought it was about time to start our Summer fun recaps. This year I made a conscious effort to try to document some of our Summer activities. It's always nice to look back and remember all the fun things we did and also have something to look forward to during the long, cold winter months. Until next year Summer. 

At the beginning of Summer, my friend M and I made a list of all the activities we wanted to do with the kids {L was attending Summer camp so it was mostly toddler-appropriate activities for G and T. However L came with us to many of our outings}. Going to the beach was one of them. There are not "real" beaches nearby where we live {at least real to me, I'm used to my country's beaches} but this was the closest we could get.

It was an overcast day but good enough to go out. The kids had fun playing with the sand and throwing rocks. There was a playground next to us but it started raining so we had to leave soon. It was still nice to spend some time outdoors, letting the kids burn off some energy. After, we grabbed some lunch at a local dinner and with full bellies we said bye to our friends and headed back home. Fun day, yummy lunch, tired kids who napped, oh so well, happy moms. We all won.

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