{life} another reason to love trader joe's!

I'm a sucker for pretty stationary. Most of the time I like to design and make my own, but from time to time I've found myself running to the closest CVS to buy a card. The options there are limited but when I'm on a rush the classic, generic Halmark card will have to do.

During one of my grocery shopping trips to Trader Joe's the other day, I browsed their card section for the first time. And look what I found. Colorful, unique, pretty cards designs. Aren't these cute? I just love the Happy Bee Day one. And what's even better, each card was only 99 cents. Yes, 99 cents. Of course I grabbed me some. Now I have a little stash of birthday cards for whenever we need one. They have cards for every occasion, so next time I'll probably get another bunch, to keep our stash ready for any event. I already loved Trader Joe's so this is just one more reason to find any excuse to stop by. No more Hallmark cards for me, thank you Trader Joe's!

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