{real party} valentines playdate

Ok, I had planned to post pictures of our little Valentines play date next week, but I realized tomorrow it's already March and it won't make much sense then, when everywhere and everything is Easter-related and decorated. It probably doesn't make much sense now but anyway, here are some pictures of our Valentines play date. We actually had two, one on the 14th and another one on the 15th. Both days G had so much fun with his little friends, making valentines crafts, playing and eating some treats. As I mentioned here, I had to add some blue to the traditional pink and red Valentines colors.

I put together a Valentines table with things I had around the house {did I mention I love to decorate?}. I borrowed some blocks here, and some felt letters there. I don't have a good shoot of them but I also used some old teddy bears to decorate the table. I put together little favors, with an Elmo book, some heart-shaped crayons and a heart-shaped candy ring from Target dollar bin. I was going to make a banner, but I spotted the above banner at Target also and for $5 I just had to buy it. I made some yummy paleo coffee-cocoa muffins {thankfully none of the kids attending have food allergies} and I tried a new recipe for whole wheat pancakes. They were a hit with the kids! The Lindt chocolates were a little treat for the moms, that I forgot to give them!

L had a Valentines play date on his own the Saturday before. We invited a couple of his friends for some video game playing and baking Valentines cookies. Someone {I'm looking at you, M} burnt our first bath of cookies but overall, the big kids had a lot of fun, too.

I can't wait to do it all over again next year!


  1. Love everything you do! Very cute!

  2. everything is ammazing! congrats!!!

  3. So cute!!! You are so talented! :)

  4. Thanks ladies! I have so much fun doing these little parties for my boys!