{diy} pack 'n play fitted sheet

I've heard of babies that don't like pack 'n plays. The first time we tried to use one with G was during our first trip to Lima in December 2011{oh my, time flies!}. Nona bought a brand new pack 'n play, which G unfortunately didn't like. He was 6 1/2 months old at that time and he refused to sleep in it {good thing Nona was able to return it because it was never used}. Five months later, during a trip to Newport, we tried again. And this time it worked. Since then we've taken the pack 'n play with us on many trips and G has slept in it with no problem. The first times I just placed a blanket or two on the bottom for him to sleep on them. Of course they ended up a big mess next day. Finally, last Summer I decided it was time to sew a fitted sheet for his pack 'n play. I knew it'll be something similar to the changing pad cover I did last year using this tutorial, just bigger. While going back to the tutorial I found there was tutorial for the pack 'n play fitted sheet as well.

I'd made this blanket {hanging over the p&P} when G was 3 months old. It was supposed to be a car seat cover but I never got to attached the two straps. So it became a blanket. For the fitted sheet I used some left over of the same Ikea fabric. I had to piece the fabric but luckily that was enough for the sheet.

It was a very quick project just in time for our  trip to Florida last August. I made one mistake, though. I washed the sheet once finished. And it shrunk a little bit. It still fits but a little more snug than I wanted. I know, you're supposed to wash your fabric BEFORE. Lesson learned. All in all, the fitted sheet came out great and G gave it a good used.

Now we take the pack 'n play with us on every trip, last time to Boston, and G naps and sleeps in it without any fuss. Love it! A sweet sleeping baby is alwasy a good thing, right? Does your little one like the pack 'n play?

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  1. What size did you do your blanket? I am looking at fabric but not sure how much I should order.