{life} recovering...

It's been two weeks after Christmas and we're still recovering. It was amazing to have all my family here to celebrate the Holidays, but it was definitely a couple of hectic, exhausting, crazy weeks.They started to leave one by one. First my brother, then my sister and her husband, and my parents left last Saturday. Next day I was in bed all day with a horrible cold, but thankfully I feel much better now and everything is going back to normal little by little {I wrote this on Tuesday, by today everything is pretty much back to normal}

It was really all I wanted for Christmas, being all together. G and L got to share this special time with their Nonos and Tias and Tios. However I didn't anticipate how having so many people in the house will affect G. Of course he was happy to see all those faces he usually sees in pictures, but the constant attention, I think overwhelmed him. He was crankier than usual for those weeks. Oh boy, he'd cry for everything and only mommy could calm him down. He refused to nap and sleep at his usual times and was so irritable all the time. Luckily everyone was very understanding and we handled it the best we could.

{I know, Christmas is over, but still wanted to recap this special day}

On Christmas Eve, we had a delicious {late} dinner. Luke went to bed right after that, not without first handing everyone their Christmas pajama bottoms and leaving some cookies for Santa. He was very excited. The adults hung out a little longer, exchanged gifts {we did some sort of Secret Santa}, took pictures and just relax and had fun.

{our tree on Christmas Eve}

 {didn't have enough time to set the able the way I really wanted but no one noticed. Santa brought us a yummy chocolate ganache cake}
{we got a white Christmas}

The highlight of course was Christmas morning. The kids were up nice and early and ready to go down to see if Santa visited our place. L is 8 years old but still believes in Santa. He was surprised to find just some cookie crumbles. He really believed it was Santa who ate them!

They emptied their stockings, which I sewed, and opened their presents. It was great to see their happy and excited faces as soon as they discovered a new toy under all that wrapping paper. We kept gifts simple. Each got a stocking filled with little goodies, and a big present from Santa. They received many more presents from family and friends. But I'll keep some of those in our special closet and bring them out little by little.

{discovering their goodies}
After that, we spent the day relaxing and lounging in our Christmas pajamas, while the kids play with their new toys. Some ventured outside to play with the snow while others stay inside watching some TV and sipping hot chocolate {remember there were 7 adults and two kids in our house that day}. We ate leftover turkey sandwiches and some paneton. Very simple yet so joyful. It felt really nice to be surrounded by the people we love. It was a very special Christmas, as I'm sure all the ones ahead will be.


  1. We had such a great Christmas! Thank God we can afford traveling once in a while and spend time together. Love you and miss you.

  2. Omg your house looks lovely. You need to give me a few pointers about decorating. :-) Your kids look so adorable and growing so fast. Enjoy it!! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. every thing was so beautiful, we really enjoyed Christmas time!!!