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fall photo session {at our yard} - november 2012

shirt - babygap {from 6 years ago}
{Yep! M kept some of L's unused clothes still with tags! It's a size 2T so is a little big on G}
cardigan - polarn o. pyret {on sale}
skinny jeans - babygap {as seen here}
shoes - zara kids {as seen here}
This year I wanted to have a family photo session. Like a professional one. Not only to use some of the photos for our Christmas card but also to have some nice pictures of the four of us. But as always, life happened and I forgot. Or should I say I procrastinated. And when I realized it was already November I knew there was no way we could have a photo session this year and have the pictures in time.

Still I wanted some nice photos of the kids for our Christmas card so I played photographer. I dressed them up and followed them outside. Oh my! I didn't realize how hard is to shoot kids. We were all over the place trying to follow G and keep up with him, M trying to get G's attention, while at the same time asking L to be ready and smile to the camera. I think I took almost 200 pictures, from which probably 15 are usable. But from those there are a couple that are just adorable.

I still have a lot to learn. I have a problem with the auto focus. I just can't seem to get it. I got nice framed, lighted shots where my principal subject is blurry and the background perfectly sharp and clear. How did that happen?! It happens a lot to tell you the truth. That's my problem all the time. I think is time to take some photography classes again.

We started our countdown to Christmas on the weekend. I love the Holiday season. So many fun things to do with the kiddos, so many traditions to start, so many family and friends parties, so many yummy treats. It's just a joyful time. Christmas is my favorite Holiday and I hope it'll be my kids, too. As the song goes, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

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Happy Tuesday!


  1. Yes.. photographing children is HARD! This is a cute shot though and I love his outfit. Nice to see a bit of PO.P in there, one of my favourite brands! x

  2. Love your photo, he looks like he's having lots of fun in those leaves and he looks so cute. Love the cardigan and shirt.