{diy} easy christmas craft for kids

As part of our Christmas Countdown list, we had to make a Christmas craft. My kids are 7 years apart. Finding something appropriate for both their ages was getting a little difficult. I thought about making a different craft for each, but then realized it'd be harder to supervise both of them at the same time. Finally, inspired by this, I decided to make one, very simple and easy craft.

All we needed was some big white paper plates, finger paint for G, water paints for L, and some ribbon. I first cut the middle circle out of the plate. I gave one plate to each and let them paint as they pleased. L used a brush. G used his fingers {I'm a little surprised he didn't bring his fingers to his mouth!}. At some point G saw L and wanted a brush, too.

It was a fun, short activity, which worked perfectly since I can not expect an 18 month-old to focus for more than 10 minutes at a time. And despite I'm not thrilled to admit, L is not really the crafty type. He likes doing things like these, as long as they don't take too long.

I also like that this activity can be as simple or elaborated as you want. Kids can paint their wreath using fingers, brushes, stamps, and decorate with glitter, pom poms, stickers, scraps of paper, etc. We went the easy route, for the reasons I mentioned above, and just painted.

After they were done, I made little bows with some leftover ribbon and listo. We had two cute Christmas wreaths to proudly hung in the kitchen.

Do you make Christmas crafts with your kids?

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