{life} countdown to christmas!

We did it last year {you can read about it here and here}. It was a little tricky to pull it off, though. G was very little so there weren't many things he could actually do, and between our schedules and daily responsibilities, some activities were done just by me and G, or me and L, or just me and M. But I guess that counted, too.

This year I carefully planned for easy, doable activities that we can all do together as a family. And so far we've been crossing things off our list with success. I've been taking a picture of each day. I do have to say not all activities have gone perfectly smooth. Christmas Tree cutting, for example. The place was muddy and wet, G didn't stop screaming because he wanted to the mud, there weren't that many great trees to choose from, and we ended up with a too-big-our-living-room, overpriced tree. Oh well, live and learn. I guess next year we'll just go local to buy our tree. Also signing our Christmas cards was not L's favorite task. I had to make it simple, and asked him to sign just his first name {I wanted him to write a short message}.

I hope I was not too ambitious when creating our list. Crossing my fingers that everything will work. To be completely honest I think I'm the most excited about this. I just love Christmas.

How about you? Do you have a Christmas countdown activity list?


  1. what a great list!! You are sooo organized. Can't wait to get there and do some of the activities with you all!

  2. Oh my God! too much things to do... but it is Christmas time!!! enjoy it.