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thanksgiving - november 2012

shirt - old navy {on sale}
sweater vest - the children's place
jeans - babygap {gift}
{this is another pair of regular jeans that I made skinny}
shoes - zara kids
We had a great Thanksgiving in Boston with some dear friends. It was very nice to go away for a few days and try to relax. Although with these two {see above} it's almost impossible! But we had extra hands that happily helped us, keeping them entertained and busy.

Every Thanksgiving we take a family picture at our house, in front of the fireplace. It has become, without noticing, a tradition. However, since this year we hit the road Wednesday morning, there was no family picture. And I just realized we didn't take many pictures of our lovely Thanksgiving dinner in Boston, either. This is one of the few pictures I got that day. My two boys. I'm so thankful for being their mom.

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  1. que hermositos, G parece un viejecito con su ropita