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waiting for his brother at the bus stop - october 2012

waffle long sleeve shirt - circo via target
grey sweat pants - h&m kids
red sneakers - keds via stride rite

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We're still without power. It's been a really challenging week. L went back to school yesterday and most places have gone back to their normal activities. We're trying to do the same but it's hard with a cold house and an infant. I'm trying to be patient and stay calm and deal with the situation the best we can. Hopefully we'll get power later in the day.

Anyway, happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear you're without power. I hope it gets sorted soon. Must be really hard. Your little man is looking fab though :) xx

  2. Stupid ConEd!!! G looks great, kiss for him!

  3. Still patient Nadia, I know it's easy to say that but in this moment there is no choice.
    Lovely G!!!