{life} a very proud mom

That's what I'm. Last Saturday L had his Tae Kwon Do Black Belt ceremony. Yes! He's a Black Belt {a kid version of course, but a Black Belt anyway!}. It seems like yesterday when we signed him up. He was only 4 years and a half {so little!} and looked so cute in his white uniform. I remembered his first day. We took him for ice cream after, which became a tradition every Summer Friday after class.

It's been 3 years. Three years of hard work, perseverance and discipline. Not only for L but for us, too. It took a family effort to make sure he attended all his classes and practiced at home. Some days were hectic, M would have to rush from work to take him to class. Other days we wouldn't have dinner together as a family because of conflicting classes/G's bedtime schedules. Other days grandmas helped. Even Nona D took him to his classes while she was staying with us. As I said, it was a family/team work. And we're very thankful for their support. It's been three years of 2-3 classes per week. There were days when he didn't "feel" like going to class and we had to force him. There were days when he said he was bored and wanted to "take a break from TKD". Of course later he changed his mind. But most of the time he has happy and excited to go.

On his fourth promotion test he got the Best Student Award and he {and us} couldn't be prouder. We've seen him test after test, improving, working hard, reaching for his goal.

I know I already told you, but maybe you don't understand the magnitude of this. We're very proud of you my dear L. Being a Black Belt at 7, ok, almost 8 years-old, is no joke. It's a great accomplishment. And I'm pretty sure this is just one of the many, many to come in your life
Daddy, your little brother and I love you so, so much. You fill our hearts with joy and pride. We'll be by your side at every new goal you achieve. We'll be there, next to you, supporting you, celebrating you. Today, tomorrow and always. Love, Mom.

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  1. Of course! How can you not be! It's an outstanding achievement for him and for the family too. It's a really great thing what you've done here. Supporting, encouraging and Teaching him perseverance. Congratulations to L and to the proud parents! We are also very proud of him!
    Los tios.