{real party} 8th birthday plants vs. zombies party

L turned 8 years old a couple of weeks ago and, even though his "official" party with his school friends is this weekend, we had family over for pizza and cake. I was not going to decorate at all since it was going to be a very casual family get-together. But two days before his birthday I just couldn't help myself. He's been in a Plant Vs. Zombies kick lately {that's a video game just in case you didn't know}. He told me that his school friends are not that into this game, but his cousins are. And because I like to complicate my life and as if I didn't have enough planning a Wii party, I decided to set a Plants Vs. Zombies table last minute.

I quickly searched the web for some printables but I couldn't find anything. So during one of G's naps I use some PlantsVs.Zombies images I found and designed a happy birthday banner, some toppers and silhouettes.

To set the table I used things I had around the house, leftover yellow, green and white balloons and paper napkins from other parties, metal containers, mini glass milk bottles, vintage bottles, leftover party blowouts, G's lego blocks and of course L's Plants Vs. Zombies plush dolls. He's got some as gifts and he was happy to show them off on the table. I didn't have to buy one single thing to decorate! I think this is the first time that happens.

I didn't have much time to plan an elaborated menu and my crowd ages ranged from 1 to 10 years old. I kept the food very simple: veggie chips, fishies, mini blueberry muffins, mini chocolate cupcakes, animal crackers and pretzels. And of course pizza and cake. I had bought the Pellegrino Lemonade before but it went so well with the theme that I had to put them on the table.

We had so much fun. The kids were running around like crazy, the adults chatting and catching up. It was a madhouse. But a happy one! And L was the happiest. Nona {my mom} sent him a Zombies t-shirt as a birthday present. I asked him to open it early in the day so he could wear it at the party. He loved it so much he wanted to wear it next day to school. My boy is getting so big!
I still have to finish some details for his party with friends this weekend. L was a lucky boy. He got to have two parties this year! Well, he deserves them and I was more than happy to plan them for him. I love you, my boy!


  1. Looks like it was a great party!!! NIce job!!

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