{kids fashion} sale alert - keep shoes

I have one email address for all my online shopping and stores emails. As expected it gets swamped with emails everyday. I don't go through them that often and when I do I just erase them. Last night while erasing them I saw an email from The Mini Socail announcing Keep shoes were on sale. It's been going on for some days but there are still some days left.

I've been hunting these shoes for months now! I think they are so cool and hip {but still don't want to pay full price. Yes, you can call me cheap}

The sale ends October 5. I'm not very proud to say this but I got a little carried away. I got many pairs in different sizes. Let's just say G has shoes for the next two years.

If you haven't already, I say sign up for The Mini Social. They have awesome clothes, shoes and accessories. You can use my referral link here.

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