{kids fashion} our wittlebee experience

Ok. So our Wittlebee box arrived. I mentioned last week I was excited to get a little surprise in the mail, but also a little nervous about what to expect. I knew I wouldn't love every single piece in the box. That would be unrealistic. I knew there would probably be a couple of things that were not our style, or color, but as long as we like the rest, it'd be fine. I was opened to new styles and brands.

I think I have to state again that I can be picky. Very picky about my boys clothes. I know, I know, there are more important things to worry about than clothes, which I do, but I really enjoy playing dress up with my boys and try to carefully pick their outfits. Of course not everyday is fashion day. There are days when L picks his clothes, or I dress G in just whatever I have handy. With that said, I'll try to be the most objective I can about our Wittlebee experience. And I hope this review is taken as constructive criticism. It's not my intention to offend anyone here.

This is what I wrote for G's profile:
Size: 18-24 months
Styles needed: short and long sleeve shirts 
Favorite colors: black, grey and white
Graphics: skulls+rock&roll - stripes 
I even left a note: "We don't like licensed/unlicensed characters or logos. We like solids, stripes and subtle prints. If possible we'd like 1 or 2 polo/dressy shirts, long sleeve. Styles we like: ZaraKids, JCrew, 77 Kids"

I ordered the box on a late Sunday night. And it arrived Saturday morning. I think that is pretty fast and within remarkable shipping times. They stated two weeks, and I got our box in one. Good starting point.

Presentation and packaging:
I'm a sucker for pretty packages. And it that aspect I think Wittlebee delivers. I'm not a fan of their logo and branding colors, though. But I have to say the sturdy card box is pretty cool.

When I opened it, I saw the pretty yellow tissue paper with their sticker logo. So far, so good {I thought}.

Once I ripped the tissue paper I found a sticker sheet, which I thought was a nice touch. What kid doesn't like stickers?

And then I saw all the clothes! We're focusing on presentation, right? Ok. Presentation. The clothes were neatly folded and attractively packaged. {But the only thing I could see was all that brown.You could probably see the question mark on my face at that point}. But I'll give them two thumbs up for presentation and packaging.

When I saw all the brown I knew something was wrong {I didn't note it as a favorite color}. I carefully unpacked each piece of clothing and, I hate to say it, but it was big disappointment. This is what we got:

-Babyworks two-piece set {a pair of jeans + checkers shirt with a hoodie}
-Carter's Watch the Wear two-piece set {sweat pants + striped t-shirt with applique}
-American Apparel basic tee
-Sage Creek Organics vest
{sorry for the low quality pictures. I took them at night and with my Iphone}

I don't need to say that these clothes, with the exception of the basic grey tee, don't match G's profile.
I can't say they didn't read the profile, because we did get some stripes, just not in our favorite colors, and with an applique I thought was implied we don't like when I stated "subtle prints". But then I can't say they didn't read my notes, because I think the checkers black & white shirt is their version of "dressy shirt". They got the color right in that one, but not the pattern or style. They also sent just one long sleeve shirt {when all I asked for was short and long sleeve shirts}.

It's obvious that "our stylist" didn't bother to check out the website of the brands I mentioned in my note. Maybe I should have include a link to my blog so they can get a sense of G's style.

In their website Wittlebee says that each box contains over $100 retail value. To be honest, I did not expect that anyway, but some of these clothes are not the best quality. A quick search on the Internet proved that.

- I've never heard of Babyworks, and after seeing this set, I'm not a fan and would not buy from that brand ever. These definitely don't look like good quality. I googled and they don't have a website. But I saw the clothes sold at, Walmart and Macy's {we don't buy clothes at those places}.
- I've never heard of Sage Creek Organics, either. I checked out their website and they seem to have nice pieces. However, I'm not sure G would wear this vest {how do you wear it?}.
- We normally don't buy Carter's clothes but have received many as gifts and they are fine. We can take Carter's. But please, send me something more in tune with the skulls+rock&roll vibe. If you check their website you can see they have other styles that would match our profile better {or at least something in our favorite colors}.
- American Apparel is the only brand I'm happy with in this box. It's a basic tee but I can see G wearing it around the house. And it's solid and grey {two things we stated in our profile}.

I don't know if the quality of the clothes they send is connected with the price customers paid. I got a 50% off code for this box so I paid $19.99. Maybe the customer that paid the full $39.99 get better clothes? Possibly. Or maybe people are just not as picky as I am about kids clothes? Another maybe.

As for my personal feelings about this box. Well, I did not like it. Don't get me wrong, probably some other parents will find these clothes appealing. But not us {yes, the mister was not happy either}. It's not our son's style. At all. The only acceptable piece was the very basic American Apparel tee, but that's it. Call me a toddler-clothes-snob, fine, but I'd had never picked any of these outfits for my boy.

All in all, I was very disappointed and a little sad, especially after seeing the cute clothes they have on their pinterest boards and other people's cute boxes. I was so looking forward to getting our box and be surprised. I was surprised, but not in a good way.

I think something they should add to their profile questionnaire is what brands you like and where you shop for kids clothes. That can give them better hints about the kid/toddler's style.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the box. Probably keep the AA grey tee {since apparently I'm not allowed to return he box because I got it with a discount. And really I'm not in the mood for going back and forth with emails and dealing with return policies} and donate the rest of the clothes. And I'm definitely cancelling my membership.

This experience was just right to confirm that I am my boys' best stylist and for now I'm sticking with what we know: going shopping together. If it ain't broken, why fix it, right? Besides there is always online shopping.

Happy Friday!


  1. What a terrible experience!! You were so excited to receive your box and this is what they send!!! I'm with you.. those clothes look cheap and they don't match with the profile you gave them. I don't care if you pay half the price and a serious company shouldn't either. They are supposed to meet a quality standard in all the boxes they send no matter the price one pays.
    So dissapointing.. but on the other hand, you can keep shopping!

  2. i think you should write to Wittlebe to express your dissapoinent, no matter if you paid under $ 20 or you bought on sale ... and next time order "Baby cotton" and "Periquita", peruvian brands!

  3. I did via twitter, but they want me to deal with customer service via email. And I don't have the time!