{interiors} L's room breakdown

It's been a while since we redid L's room. So we think it's about time for another makeover. It's incredible how fast he's grown and how his taste has evolved. He wants to move all his child-ish toys, small furniture and stuffed animals to his little brother's room or the playroom and start hanging his own artwork and superheroes stuff.

After thinking about it really carefully, we have decided to make a few changes on our second floor. We are going to switch G's nursery to L's room, L's room to the Guest Bedroom, and the Guest Bedroom to G's nursery. Confusing? A little bit. But I have plenty of time to plan these modifications since we won't do it right now. But definitely before the next school year starts {crossing my fingers}.
Anyway, as we contemplated these changes, I realized I never did a post about L's room makeover. Unfortunately there are no "before" pictures. And since we redid this room a couple of years ago, some of the products are no longer available.

L's room was featured in Ohdeedoh and you can read a little about the inspiration and process there.

Looking at the room in pictures I realized there are too many baby-ish/child-ish things and toys that L doesn't play or use anymore. It's funny how I didn't pay attention to that on a daily basis. At the time that's what he wanted but now it's time to step it up, purge and refine the space. Of course it'll still be a playful, colorful room but a little more sophistication is what I have in mind. Can't wait to start planning this makeover!

As for the breakdown:
Paint: Blue Sue Shoes {798} and Lime Twist {425} by Benjamin Moore
Full Bed: Catalina Cottage Bed - Pottery Barn Kids {previously owned}
Bedside Table: Pottery Barn Kids {previously owned}
Dressers: Aneboda - Ikea {previously owned. No longer available}
Low Bookcase: Pottery Barn Kids {previously owned}
Rug: Pottery Barn Kids {previously owned}
Desk: Craigslist find $100.00, painted
Chair: Snille in white - Ikea {previously owned}
Bookcase: Billy in white - Ikea {previously owned}
Play Table: Pottery Barn Kids {previously owned}
Green storage ottomans: Target @17.00 each
Frog Seat: Critter Chair - Pottery Barn Kids {previously owned}
Hamper: Rattan Hamper - Pottery Barn Kids {previously owned}
Curtains: Vitaminer Vimpel - Ikea $29.99
Wall clock: Target {no longer available}
Wall art: Goodwill find $1.00 each
Wall ledges: Target $11.99 each
Hanging storage mesh: Ikea PS Fangst - Ikea $4.99 each
Closet bins: Itso Large Fabric Storage bins - Target $9.99
Bedding: Land of Nod {gift}
Throw Pillows covers: Ikea $9.99 set of two {no longer available}

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  1. Love the colors!! Can't wait to have kids so you help me with the room decoration! :)