{kids fashion} last days of babycottons in gilt

Babycottons is a Peruvian brand of baby clothing. All their clothes are made with pimma cotton, the most appreciated cotton in the world. 70% of their clothing is made in Peru and the other 30% in Argentina. All their pieces are so soft, making them perfect for babies, especially newborns, whose skin we know can be very sensitive and delicate. 

I know their prices are on the expensive side but their quality is remarkable. I think getting a few pieces your baby can wear in special occasions is worth it. We were very lucky to be supplied with a nice collection of Babycottons clothes, onesies, pajamas, blankets, bibs, burp clothes, hats and socks, as baby shower gifts from my family and friends in Peru. Baby G's uncles also got him the adorable Vincent {a stuffed rabbit which G loves to hold when he goes to sleep} and the cute Noni {a doggy blanket}. We were also gifted Babycottons delicious shampoo, soap and baby cologne. I love their cologne. It smells like, well, baby.

Right now, Gilt is having a sale. They have two more days but hurry up because their items are starting to sell out.

I'm keeping all G's Babycottons clothes to pass to my sister when she has a baby. She better have a boy!

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