{kids fashion} easter outfits

In my home country we celebrate Easter a little bit different. Most people are off from work since Wednesday so it's more like an Easter week. The long weekend is a good oportunity to travel or go camping. We really don't have a big celebration on Sunday, and we're not used to egg hunts or Easter baskets.{although I think that's changing now}.
Here Easter Sunday is celebrated with special family and friends get-togethers, and egg-hunts and Easter baskets for the kids. And everyone likes to dress for the ocassion.

I love to dress up my boys, but I didn't buy any new or special clothes this time. My sister got baby G this cute outfit. He wore it for our Easter cards {that I think didn't make it on time to Lima :( } A little too casual you'd say, but I decided he'll wear the same on Sunday. It just needed to be spruced up a little.

How about a little bow tie and a cardigan? I think it looks adorable. And you know what's even more adorable? Coordinating outfits for little and big brother.

I made the neck tie following this super easy tutorial. Who knew sewing a tie could be this simple! My fabric choice was not the best, though. It was a thin cotton fabric that frayed too much. However I'm very pleased with how both ties came up for being my first time. I won't let you look at them from too close, but oh well, they look good.

I'm very excited about my boys wearing their outfits this weekend. Happy Easter!

Do you get your little one a special outfit for Easter? Or any other holiday?

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