{things I like} my baby must-haves

Now that G is close to his first year one year-old I looked back and started thinking about the baby products that I REALLY liked, and USED, during baby G's first months of life. I know every mom and baby are completely different but these products worked for me, helped me the most and made my life much, much easier during those first hectic months.

Baby must-haves
This is definitely a must for obvious reasons. G lived in his car seat for the first weeks {and months} of his life. We moved him around in it, from car to stroller {our stroller has an adaptor} or to wherever we went. It's not heavy and was very easy to maneuver. And that it looks good was a plus. This is one of the few things we decided to buy new. If you're borrowing one or buying an used one {which I wouldn't recommend, just for safety reasons}, make sure to check the expiration date {Yes, car seats expired! Apparently they last about 6 years} and make sure it hasn't been in accident or anything.
I love, love BabyGap baby essentials, especially the footed pajamas. They are so soft and stretchy. And G seems to be very comfortable in them. They are my favorite. I usually take advantage of their big sales and stocked up. Also, their onesies are great. Not only they have modern and cool designs but  are also very practical. The first weeks I was terrified to get baby's head trough a onesie. Fortunately most of their bodysuits have buttons on the sides or on the back making baby changes less traumatic.
This was the mister's pick and it didn't disappoint. Having the video screen has helped calm my first-time mom nervousness. I didn't have to run to G every time I heard a little noise. I'd check on him on the video screen first and waited a little bit. Most of the times he would calmed down and go back to sleep. Now that he is older I can check on him from my room when he gets up on the morning, until it's time to go get him. We read a lot of reviews before deciding on this monitor, but after a year we haven't had any problems. I'm very pleased with it.
These were a lifesaver the first months! I guess I was lucky {?} that G liked them, because from other moms I know not all babies like binkys. When G started to get fussy and wailing, these came to the rescue. Of course if abused pacifiers can lead to potential problems like language delay or dental issues. Luckily G is not hooked on them and we're using them less and less, just for nap and bed times. But for the first six months I never left the house without one.
G's first bath was a bath for his Nona, too. She ended up all wet. She gave him his first bath since I was too nervous {thank God she was here}. One day while baby shopping we spotted this product and decided to give it a try. And we loved it. It keeps me, or nona, or whoever gives G a bath, dry. You can wrapped it around baby when he's out of the tub. One year later and we're still using it.
This disposal system was great overall. For the first ten months it did a goof job at keeping odors under controlled. We emptied it every two {ok, I admit, sometimes three days} and never smell anything in his room. However I noticed that it's started to let some odor out. I think it could be the summer heat, although we keep the house very cool. Also a couple of times the latches that operates the system got unhooked and it was a pain to re-latch them. I think it's time to replace it.
This ducky kept G entertained during all our car rides. We hung it in his car seat and he'd play and play with it. When he was a little older I attached it to his stroller and it kept him happy as well. He loves the vibration. He doesn't play with it that often now but I think it's a great toy for an infant.
Oh G loved, loved his bouncy chair. He has used it since he was a few weeks old until his first birthday. He loved to nap in it, played in it. When we were in Lima we had to buy one since that was the only place he would nap. He just reached the weight limit so we started to transition him to his crib for nap times {he sleeps really well in his crib trough the night} and say bye bye to the chair. I know he'll miss it.

For Mommy
I started using these bras to help relieve the pain of swollen breast during the first months of pregnancy. I kept using them after and were great during all my nursing months. They were very comfy and have enough support. They were so easy to just pull down for feeding time, as opposed to special nursing bras that you have to unclick and click back. I love, love these Gap bras. I still use them most of the time.
This is all I need since G was born. It's small, discreet, easy to handle and effective. I know other moms prefer an electrical one, or a more sophisticated one, especially if you have to pump at work. For me this pump was enough and worked well. I stopped pumping when G was about 6 months-old because he wouldn't take a bottle, but that's another story.
After realizing that nursing bras don't necessarily make nursing easier {at least for me, maybe I didn't know how to use them} I decided not to buy any special nursing tanks or tops. I just bought tees, similar to the one above, with buttons in front to have easy access. These type of tees together with the Gap bras were all I used for the first months {with pants or jeans of course}.

We all know these are not necessities in any way. In the old times our parents didn't have most of these things and they went by. We survived and turned out to be good people, right? But we live in a day and age where things can be easier and with a newborn you DO want things easier.

When I was pregnant I remember scouring the Internet for baby basics lists to see what other firs-time moms use. Now it's my time to share my list. Hope you find it a little helpful.

Coming soon, our list of all the baby gear we considered needed and bought. Did we really used that baby gilder? We'll see. Stay tuned.

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