{diy} freezer paper stencils - my new obsession!

You know I'm all up for personalized, handmade things and stenciling a onesie with my baby's initial was an idea I'd had for a long time. When I finally decided to do it, I went the "freezer paper" route. Oh my! I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

I never anticipated how easy it would  be and how obsessed I would become! The process it's very simple:

a. Choose a design
b. Print or draw design in freezer paper {you can find it at the supermarket}
c. Cut design with a X-acto knife {of course a Silhouette machine, would make your and my life much easier!}
d. Iron stencil on onesie, t-shirt, or whatever you want to create
e. Paint with fabric paint {I used this one and has held up pretty good after three washes so far}
f. Let dry and finally
g. Peel stencil {being the impatient person I am, I usually skip step f, which I don't recommend}

There are plenty of tutorials on the web. Just google "freezer paper stencils" and you'll find many.
I made an initial onesie for my boy and one with the map of Perú. I also made two girly onesies for my cousin's baby girl. And I'm already planning on making a stenciled birthday t-shirt for L, and a Halloween one and Christmas one for G. Even the mister has asked for one, too.

I've been spending many hours daydreaming about new designs, hours I should really spend sleeping!. I'm telling you I'm obsessed. Freezer paper stenciling is my new thing.


  1. They look great... excellent job! Is there anything you don´t do well?
    I want one too please :)