{my pregnancy} 40 weeks

  • Hello due date! I made it to 40 weeks. I can't say I'm thrilled about this. I'll be lying if I don't say I'm a little disappointed. For some reason I thought baby G will arrive sooner. But I guess my body and him are not ready yet.
  • I know due dates are just an estimated date. They are not set in stone and they can be wrong. And they are wrong most of the time. But most people I know had their babies before their due date!
  • I'm over 30 pounds (13.60 kilos). I didn't bother to weigh myself today. I don't even want to go near a scale.
  •  We'd had everything ready since three weeks ago and that makes this waiting game a little more frustrating. I've been a little down all day. I know I shouldn't but oh well, I can't help it either. Tomorrow will be another day.
  • Even though I've been raving all this time about my easy and healthy pregnancy, this past week I've started to experience the ugly face of pregnancy: two days ago I wasn't able to sleep at all for two nights in a row, I'm just too uncomfortable, all achy and swollen.
  • And talking about swelling. I feel silly about my complains about the little swelling I had before. Now swelling has taken another whole new level. I have Shrek feet! Like really Shrek feet.
  • Now when something falls I leave it there. My knee joints can't  handle it. I mean, I can go down. But I can't guarantee I'll go back up.
  • Finally I started to feel some Braxton Hicks Contractions. They just feel like menstrual cramps. Nothing painful.
  • Never before I've been looking forward to feeling pain. I want pain! Real contractions where are you? Please you are welcome to start anytime soon. No need to announce yourself.
  • Hospital bag packed. Refrigerator and pantry stocked up. Nursery almost ready. Just waiting on one little detail to take some pictures and share.
  • In an attempt to distract myself I've been taking walks with my mom. However, it seems that it's not helping my swelling. I need to rest, feet up and that's driving me crazy.
  • I have my weekly check-up this Thursday. My doctor scheduled a fetal NST (Non-Stress Test) and a Biophysical Profile to make sure baby is doing good.
  • I want to thank all my family and friends who are checking with us. It really makes me feel loved. And believe me, I'm as anxious and excited as you are!
  • I got an email from a dear friend that totally made my day. Thanks Chabe!
  • Baby G I know you are taking your time and I want you to be super duper ready, but also I want you to know that I'm dying to meet you. I want to see your little face. I've spent countless hours imaging who you will take after, how big will you be, will you have lots of hair? I know I said I'm going to miss your little kicks and hiccups inside my belly. But now I just can't wait to hold you in my arms and being your mommy! I love you my baby boy and I'm so ready for you!

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