{my pregnanc} 38 weeks

  • Almost there! Baby G better come soon because I don't know how much more my belly can grow.

  • Last week at my weekly appointment I was told I’m 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. This week I'm 2 cm. We are getting there!

  • I've gained 30 pounds (13.6 kilos) to this point. Oh boy!

  • My doctor said baby G is a big baby. Again oh boy!

  • He can make his big appearance anytime now, since my mom is already here and I feel more confident and secure. The mister has been so great at understanding. Of course he'll be there with me. He’s been so supportive and I know he’d be the best labor couch. And I can’t imagine the happiness and joy that will embrace us when we hold our little baby in our arms and know we did it together.  But there is a special bond between a mom and a daughter about sharing this experience. I’m so happy I’ll have them both by my side on such an important day.

  • We completed our birth plan. I was a little lazy and just got the fill-in-blanks birth plan from The Bump. It was very straightforward and I think it’s good enough.

  • To be honest I've been trying to avoid looking at myself when getting out of the shower, but a couple of times I caught a glimpse of myself and was amazed by my body. No, I was not amazed by the extra inches on my thighs and butt or the new cellulite (although I should) but by my big, round belly. They say a pregnant woman’s body is beautiful (despite the little details mentioned above) and they are right. It's incredible to know there is a tiny (or not so tiny) little human being growing inside. A little being that will grow up to be a complete person. Isn’t that just amazing?

  • The other day I went into panic mode when I saw what it looked like a stretch mark starting at my belly button and going down. I thought my lucky days were over. Thankfully it happened to be the elastic mark from my leggings. I’m still counting my stars and praying they won’t appear anytime soon nor later. Please, please, please.

  • Flip flops and a pair of flats I bought when I was about 20 weeks pregnant, are the only shoes that fit comfortably now. I was told pregnancy can change your shoe size. I hope that is not the case. What will I do with all my shoes?!

  • I was starting to feel like out of this world for not having any pregnancy ailments. But I guess to be fair to the rest of the pregnant population, my feet and hands have decided to continue swelling, now to the point of being uncomfortable. They are poo-fy and numb all the time. Also my knees are starting to feel the all the pounds and extra pounds I’ve put on.

  • Other than that, I’m feeling good, sometimes I think too good. I'm finishing some details in the nursery and doing some last shopping trips with my mom to get everything we’ll need.

  • I'm ready to meet my little baby G!

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  1. Thanks to God for give me this amazing opportunity to be with you, see your pregnancy, touch your belly and talk to baby G. I really feel so happy darling!!!
    I can not wait to see baby G, but I think he is so confortable inside your belly that he does not want to come out yet !!!
    Love you