{my pregnancy} 32 weeks

  • I’m 8 months now! Time is flying! In 8 weeks, maybe earlier, maybe later, I’ll be holding baby G in my arms. I can’t wait!

  • 32 weeks in and I’m still feeling good. No nausea, no puking, no pains, no food aversions, no headache, no heartburn, I’m able to sleep…ok, ok, before you start hating me, I started to experience a bit of swelling. My feet get swollen especially at the end of the day (nothing crazy just a bit) the same as my hands. I removed my engagement ring before it got stuck on my finger to save us a ride to the emergency room. I got to keep my wedding ring, though.

  • I can also see a little puffiness in my face. Not happy about that.

  • Baby G keeps moving a lot. A lot. And I love it! I’m supposed to count his movements, averaging 10 movements in  2 hours. He kicks me 10 times in half hour!

  • I have gained 21 pounds (9.52 kilos) so far. I guess I’m still in the recommended range (25-35 lbs.) but considering I still have 8 more weeks to go, and my goal was not to get past 25, I’m not very pleased. I heard a lot of woman freak out about their bodies during pregnancy, and I didn’t understand them but now I do. There is something about losing total control about our bodies that’s scary. Because it doesn’t matter how well you eat or how often you exercise, during these 40 weeks we have no control whatsoever about what is going to happen. Of course a balance diet and exercise help, but at the end it’s up to nature’s willing. And we have to accept it.

  • I continue doing pre-natal yoga once a week. I'm planning on going twice a week once I stop working.

  • I finally have a noticeable, round, pregnant belly that random people can see. Yay!

  • My belly button is completely out. Luke asks to see it every morning and he freaks out.

  • We are making progress in the nursery. We painted it last weekend. We still have more painting to do, paint the closet and add the closet storage system. Sometime soon.

  • We got the crib and bassinet. So cute!

  • I’ve been dreaming about baby G. But for some reason he is always older in my dreams and he can talk. Weird.

  • We were considering doing a 3D/4D ultrasound to see baby G, but we refrained. We both don’t like the way babies looks in those pictures. Definitely not for us.

  • We pre-registered at the hospital. Just need to sign up for a Chilbirth Class.

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  1. Dorina Vereau4/17/11, 8:41 AM

    what a lovely belly!!!
    love, mom