{my pregnancy} 28 weeks

  • Hello third trimester! Oh my, this is my third and last trimester. Baby G is coming soon!

  • I can’t believe how easy it’s been all this time. I feel extremely lucky and thankful for having such an easy and enjoyable pregnancy. I know that’s not always the case. If it’s this easy I may be in for baby number 3 soon enough. Well, maybe I should wait until after delivery to make any statements.

  • We had our 27 week appointment with a different doctor, from the same practice though. This was on recommendation of our doctor who said it’ll be a good idea to start meeting the other doctors since we don’t know who will be there the day baby G decides to arrive. I thought we’ll have the same doctor the day of delivery but apparently things don’t work like that. Anyway, we got to see baby G and heard his heartbeat for a few minutes. Everything is going well. Baby is in good position, belly is growing in the places it should.

  • I passed my glucose test. No gestational diabetes, thanks God. I’m mildly anemic though. I need to take more iron. Not easy when I’m not a meat person. But I’ll do it for baby G’s health.

  • I’ve gained 14 pounds so far (6.35 kilos).  That’s 7 pounds in 4 weeks! Not what I expected. I’m not very happy since I should have gained just 4 pounds (one pound a week). And I have no one to blame but me. I know this second trimester I haven’t been eating well. Four weeks ago I was aware I was eating too much ice cream and sweets but didn’t stopped. This is the result! In my last trimester I really, really promise I’m going to cut all sweets and junk food. No ice cream for me tonight!

  • Baby G moves. A lot. Sometimes he moves so much and fast that he gives me tickles. You can find me laughing at myself and smiling at my belly a lot.  It’s a great sensation.

  • I’m sleeping better now.  Surprisingly I don’t need the anaconda (body pillow) to stay on my side. But I still need to go to the bathroom at least twice at night. It’s annoying!

  • Every night we spend some time looking at my belly, seeing how baby G moves. It’s a really strange, weird but incredible feeling. I think now that I get to feel and see the baby move, and my belly is more noticeable I’m really feeling pregnant.

  • I finally got to use maternity clothes. Maternity pants for that matter. I got a pair of maternity: skinny black pants, skinny cargo pants, black leggings and  skinny jeans. I love them all, but my favorites are the jeans and leggings. Hopefully these will last me until the end. Still wearing regular tops, sweaters and dresses. Have you noticed that the current styles of clothing are very maternity-friendly?

  • A couple of weeks ago I posted a poll about what color theme to choose for the nursery. Results: We’re going with the Yellow Giraffe theme! Now I’m thinking maybe adding a third accent color. Turquoise, anyone?

  • A little plush giraffe was the first toy we bought for baby G. I think we were biased for that theme. Well, seems voters were, too.

  • Who would have thought looking for a stroller would be so complicated and time-consuming!

  • Oh! And baby registries? Forget about it. We are going to forgo the big super baby stores. It’s overwhelming.

  • Nona Dorina and Tia Janell are planning baby G a shower. Since they and my whole family and friends live in Lima, they will be having the baby shower there. I won’t be able to travel so I’ll be joining them via web camera. Yes, it’s going to be a Virtual Baby Shower! How different and fun!

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  1. Dorina Vereau3/15/11, 8:19 PM

    Dear, finally you gained extra pounds but you are a little anemic!
    My recomendations: Be careful with your meals, consume meat and take some iron supplements

    We are planning baby G shower and we will be sending the virtual invitations to our relatives and friends soon. I don’t know if somebody has ever had a virtual baby shower but I really think it will be very cute and fun.
    Kisses, mom