{my pregnancy} 24 weeks

  • Today was a milestone in my pregnancy. I'm 24 weeks which means baby F reached viability. Yay!

  • I started feeling baby F move at about 22 weeks. At the beginning I wasn't sure it was him, since I felt all kinds of sensations in my belly: butterfly flutters, gas, tickles. Now I can clearly feel him kick and move. He is more active when I'm resting. I heard that's the way it's going to be for the first...five...years!

  • I've gained 7 pounds so far (3.17 kilos). I've been consistent with my exercise routine. My diet? Not so much. I'm still eating a lot of fruits and drinking plenty of water, but I've indulged in a lot with ice cream and chocolate. I have to go back to eating more vegetables like in the beginning.

  • I've been trying to teach myself to sleep on my side with my maternity pillow, but it's hard. Somehow I always wake up on my back in the morning. The maternity pillow (or white anaconda) ends up on the floor.

  • I've been suffering leg cramps at night. Not fun!

  • Besides that I'm not having any major discomfort and can do most of my normal activities. The only thing, I get exhausted (like I-need-a-two-hour-nap exhausted) after long periods of standing or walking.

  • Still no maternity clothes for me. The maternity jeans I bought are still too big for my belly. My work pants don't button anymore but I haven't been able to find maternity pants that fit properly so I bought a B band. It works perfect.

  • I started thinking about my maternity photo session. I have so many ideas! I'm looking forward to it.

  • We chose a name! So baby F is now baby G...for Giacomo. I can't wait to meet my baby!

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  1. Dorina Vereau2/16/11, 5:20 AM

    Excellent Nadia!!! It seems that everything is going pretty well with your pregnancy.
    Welcome Giacomo!!! Love, Mamá