{my pregnancy} updates

When I found out I was pregnant I had this idea that I was going to document each and every week of my pregnancy so I can keep my family and friends updated. The truth is that the last couple of months were a little crazy with our trip to Lima and the Holidays and I haven't had the time to start my pregnancy journal. After we came back from Lima I was eager to start but I had very little to document. My belly hasn't grow that much. I've been looking forward to my baby belly, but nothing. I was a little worried about this, since I think when I was 8-12 weeks pregnant I was showing more ( I guess I was just eating too much in Lima! Mom fed us well!) But at our fourth month appointment our doctor reassured us that everything was fine and that people are different and start showing at different times. We heard a strong heartbeat so I felt very good after that.

Anyway, I don't want to wait anymore so I'll start weekly updates showing my little belly (for now) I think it'll be fun and interesting to see when it really does pop.

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