{my pregnancy} 18 weeks

  • I am almost half way there and I have only gained 3 pounds ( 1.36 kilos). Which I shouldn't be bragging about considering that I was about 25 pounds (11.36 kilos) overweight pre-pregnancy. Anyway, the point is that I've been trying to watch my diet, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. But of course, without depraving myself.  The mister has made many late night trips to get some ice cream.

  • Lately I've been craving strawberries and pineapple more than usual. I can eat pineapple chunks anytime, until my mouth hurts. But no, I don't buy a whole pineapple and cut it myself. I crave only pre-cut-and-packaged-ready-to-eat Wholefoods pineapple chunks. I'm not that picky with strawberries, I can get them anywhere, although Wholefoods strawberries are always fresh.

  • Other than that I don't have any special cravings or food aversions or anything at all. I feel really good and it's been very easy so far. So easy that a couple of times I forgot I was actually pregnant. Then I felt so bad and thought what a bad mother I was going to be for forgetting there is a human being inside my belly.

  • I still haven't puked once (I know, I shouldn't have said anything!)

  • I'm still wearing my regular clothes, although today my skinny black pants felt a bit tighter around my belly (and butt?!). I haven't bought any maternity clothes yet but I've been buying over sized sweaters, loose tops, roomy dresses and lots of leggins. Things that definitely I'll wear even after baby F is here. (I wonder if I can make it without buying "maternity clothes" at all. Maybe a size larger or determined styles from my favorites brands will make the deal. Because the only thing that should be growing is my belly, right? right? and well, my boobs?)

  • I'm now wearing  a sports bra to sleep, uncomfortable, I know, but it's much better than the excruciating pain I was experiencing everytime I turned and tossed in bed. And I turn and toss a lot!!

  • For Christmas L gave me a maternity pillow (So sweet!). It actually looks more like a white anaconda. It's been helping me to fall asleep quickly and to keep me from sleeping on my belly. But now my sleeping routine consists in waking up everynight to fight with the anaconda as I try to turn to a new position. Add to that I wake up in the middle of the night at least once more to pee. And that includes most of the time bumping into the bed, bench or chair while finding my way to the bathroom in the dark. I've already told the mister we have to switch sides asap.

  • I had a weird dream the other night. I dreamed I was having twins! One girl and one boy. Nothing weird about it. But in my dream the newborn twins could talk and walk right off. Weird and creepy!

  • I never understood the point of having a middle name. What is it for? When do you use it? I't very likely baby F will just have a first and second name.

  • I've been thinking about the nursery decor a lot, looking for inspiration, color schemes, products, accesories and all those things. We won't need furniture because we have Luke's, which is in pretty good shape. It's all white, even better.


  1. I just added you to my "blogs I HAVE to read" list!

    You have to buy maternity clothes!! It is part of the fun of being pregnat, besides once your belly stars growing the only requirement will be confort and nothing like a good pair of maternity jeans to make you feel good. I love (or used to loved) the maternity lines from Old Navy and Gap, they have small sizes which are really hard to find.

  2. Dorina Vereau1/5/11, 1:57 PM

    my dear daughter, there is a lot of things to comment about your pregnancy. But first of all, I think you have to thank to God your pregnancy is going pretty well. You are so lucky!!!, you don't have uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. My psychological theory is that the more you desire and welcome your baby the fewer symptoms you will have. I'll come back with other comments lately.

    beso, Mom

  3. Claudia I just got my Old Navy skinny maternity jeans and love them! They are perfect. They are still a little loose but feel great with the full panel. I didn't have the same luck with the black pants though. The fit is really weird and even though they are the same size as the jeans, they are huge. I'm returning them. I'm going to try the Gap. Thanks for the tip.